Buying the Camp Stove and Alcohol Stove That’s Right for You


Camp StoveWhen you’re outdoors way out in the middle of nowhere, you want a pocket stove that will be light to carry and easy to use. Even if you’re just doing a simple overnight hike not too far from home, you still don’t want to pack a ton of extra weight. There are several great options.

Some of these portable stoves may surprise you just how easy they are to use and especially how light and compact they are.

One is this camp stove, the Trangia Spirit Burner with Screwcap. This is an awesome small alcohol stove! I had one when I was younger and at some point I lost it and was devastated.

I had one as a kid and it vanished 20 odd years ago. Since then I had always used MSR liquid fuel stoves like these an Extreme condition stove (XGK) (for some of my crazier hikes) or a Whisperlight such as this stove.

I finally (recently)  bought a new Trangia without a base or windscreen and made my own folding base. For someone like me who enjoys my daily “cup of Joe,”  soups, and sometimes some eggs and bacon using a simmer ring, this camp stove is great.

Even when I even think about thinking about taking one of my other single carry stoves, I just can’t bring myself to do it due to their size and weight. Again, they’re great stoves, but not as good when I want to carry light. So those are safely waiting for me in my shed if I need them, but Trangia Stove is just too convenient and simple for me to use any of the others.

Hope this helps! Happy Camping from the happy camper!

Oh, and don’t forget the stove alcohol fuel!




Quickstep Laminate for Home Flooring


We’ve needed to do some research recently for some business needs of our own. It started with a casual conversation with one of our local clients who was going to be purchasing some laminate flooring.

We hadn’t been up to date on the flooring that’s out there today, but heard about a great type of laminate flooring called Quickstep laminate. You can find info here on Quickstep Laminate. I remembered it because it’s actually flooring that can be reused! That’s not the main reason to buy this stuff, but that’s one of those weird features or benefits that’s easy to remember.

After researching it a bit more, we found out that it’s actually quite durable and they have an amazing selection of flooring options. And this flooring has a hardwood flooring design that is really awesome. Most people would be hard pressed to tell the difference. And, from what I gather, it’s MUCH EASIER to maintain than an actual hard wood floor.

And even though we don’t have Quickstep now, we do have hardwood, and we know it can be a pain sometimes. Whenever we are in the market like our client for some new laminate flooring, we’re definitely going to keep Quickstep laminate in mind.

We just wanted to let you know about it in case you’re ever in the need of new flooring. We found a great website talking about it here.